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City 10 was a medium-sized urban center located north of City 17. The city acted as a primary population overflow hub for City 17 and housed some Union Family Cohesion services.

City 10 was controlled by Overwatch at the command of the Administrator - Wallace Breen. Enforcement for the sector was provided by the benefactors from Pillar 10 - a Citadel class structure at the heart of the city.

Collapse and closure Edit

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City 10 was eventually classified a 'non-patrol zone' by Overwatch, after an outbreak of a strange Xenium bacterium that primarily infected transhuman hosts.

The outbreak occurred during the hotter months two years before the events of Entropy : Zero. The bacterium appeared to thrive in warmer temperatures and it severely crippled Combine forces in the sector.

Initially civilians were moved to other urban centers in droves, as the Administrator planned to abandon City 10 as an operating area. Overwatch began terminating all infected units - including those of Civil Protection. A coup began - initiated by City 10 Civil Protection - who protested that they were not truly transhuman and did not want to be exterminated.

The coup was mostly successful due to the crippled transhuman forces. The Administrator made the decision to shell City 10 and extract all remaining uninfected units. City 10 was then classified a non-patrol zone and all units were prohibited from entry.

Sanctuary Edit

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In the intervening months, City 10 became the go-to location for citizens leaving City 17 by means of the underground railroad. It was far enough North not to draw attention from wandering scanners and transhuman forces were prohibited entry to the area.

A human presence quickly built and soon City 10 was an active sanctuary safe from the grip of Combine authority.

Fortification Edit

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The refugees of City 10 did everything they could to prepare against an attack, should they be discovered by the

Combine. They reinforced existing structures from the coup and built their own shanties and outposts to guard the frontier.

A refugee named 'Lazlo' worked hard on creating a Combine to Human algorithm, by using a paralyzed strider injured during the coup. The inhabitants of City 10 assisted Lazlo with sustaining the strider long enough for him to complete his research.

Lazlo's work lead to the modification of Combine technology, to meet the needs of the refugees. Turrets, consoles, cameras and other Combine equipment within City 10 were modified to work with the algorithm, further bolstering the defenses of the sanctuary.

This revelation made it to the resistance in City 17. Alyx can be seen utilizing this in Episode 1, modifying the affinity of rollermines in the Citadel.

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