'Bad Cop' is the protagonist of Entropy : Zero.

It is assumed Bad Cop has some cognitive and empathetic deficiencies due to his lack of emotion and remorse when conducting his duties.

When not occupied with a directive or task, Bad Cop appears to act in favor of his interests impulsively in the moment, leading to his dangerous and unpredictable behavior.

History Edit

Two summers before the events of 'Entropy : Zero', the infamous 'Bad Cop' completed his initiation into the ranks of Civil Protection, under the watchful eyes of the benefactors.

​The nameless officer quickly became known as the 'Beat Cop'; notorious for handing out indiscriminate beatings to the citizens of City 17. The name 'Beat Cop' quickly became 'Bad Cop'.

The feared officer with blood on his boots earned his reputation by enforcing the Combine agenda in a sarcastic and heartless manner.

​By the end of his first year as a member of Civil Protection, Bad Cop had the favor of his superiors - and once again fell under the gaze of the benefactors.

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